FInal packing!

March 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Yay! After a month of non-stop beach bbq, hang out, talking & sort of bonding time with my friends, finally got a time to pack! Considering it’s my first time travelling for a very long time(3-4 months!), I really need to carefully consider of what i’m bringing with me especially the warm clothes.

Going to Manila is not a problem as the weather there are quite similar to here but going to South Korea is a different story. I’ll be there end of winter (early march) so i’m not really sure whether to bring more warm clothes or just normal cardigan as Spring is coming. I obviously don’t want to be sick or freeze to death while i’m there.

So i decided to bring 3 cardigan, 1 warm clothes & lots of scarfs to keep me warm. I also bring a pair of gloves with me, just in case..

“The bottom line when traveling:  pack only what you need!  Keep in mind you’ll be toting your own luggage on and off the bus or at the airport, and to and from your hotel.  So bring what you need for each day of the trip.”


All ready for tomorrow! Hello Manila! 😀


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