Lost track of my own travelling..

April 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s 5:20am & i’m lying on my bed, trying to get some sleep. Was transferring pictures from my camera’s memory card earlier as it is almost full now. The last time I shared an album of my camera’s pictures was last month I think..

One of the reason why I made this blog at the first place is to record my days while travelling and to share my travel itinerary or any information related to it. Sadly, I wasn’t able to do so.

I left kk for almost 2 months now & frankly speaking, I lost track of my own travel. I stop keeping update of my travel since Day 3 or 4 (which is when I was in Manila) This is mainly because;

1) No laptop
I didn’t bring my laptop with me & i’m too lazy to type everything using the phone..

2) Busy, busy
I’ve been to too many places & too many things happened as I arrived here in this Kimchee-land & I totally don’t have time to write anything about it.

3) I’m not good with words
I took me lots of time when it comes to writing more than one paragraph. I usually just post pictures as they said pictures speaks louder than words. :P.

4) I stop makingItinerary..
after staying too long in one place, you’ll become too lazy to go anywhere & you’ll eventually stop making itinerary and just go to places without planning where & when to go..

5) Too many to share.
I have too many pictures & itinerary/information to share that I don’t know which one to begin with. I should have share it sooner..

Think I should get another ‘rest day’, upload the pictures that I took & share whatever that I think might be useful for those who are thinking of coming here or are already here now.

In the meantime, I should get some sleep first.. 🙂



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