20 Signs That You Are Addicted to Traveling!

June 21, 2014 § 1 Comment

20 Signs That You Are Addicted to Traveling!

  1. The list that you do before you leave is 4 pages long.
  2. Going home is more like a vacation between the journeys.
  3. On your way home you are already making plans for your next trip.
  4. When you go home you immediately start searching tickets on the websites of low-cost airlines.
  5. Staying at one and the same place for more than a week makes you cranky.
  6. When you are watching movies you want to be the characters.
  7. As you are reading you feel a desire to travel.
  8. The music makes you dream about journeys.
  9. Every day brings you an idea for ​​different destinations.
  10. You work to sponsor your next trip.
  11. The signs from 5 to 10 make you feel imprisoned.
  12. You always take the initiative for a journey yourself without waiting for anyone.
  13. Thinking about all the places that you haven’t been makes you feel excited but also slightly sad.
  14. When you are not travelling, you imagine various situations that can happen to you while traveling.
  15. You say you can stop traveling whenever you want, but you know that it is not true.
  16. You feel most happy and genuine on the move.
  17. Want to make a world map tattoo on your back.
  18. You realize that you have become very good at geography and history of different places of the world.
  19. Booking a flight makes you feel amazing.
  20. Many of your colleagues and your friends think you’re crazy.

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