To post or not to post?

June 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have so much things going on in my head that at some point I think by writing it down on a paper or posting it on my blog would make it easier for me to express it out. But turned out, it become more complicated than that. From deciding whether to write it down or not to whether to post it or not, I felt like i’m always stuck and eventually just kept everything to myself at the end.

Before going to South korea and Japan for traveling for 3 months, I was planning to post things about my trips, where did I went to, how did I get there, how was it & etc. But it’s been almost a month since i’m back and I haven’t really started anything about it.

I do have lots of ideas of what to write down but I can’t seems to find the courage to post it on the Internet. I usually just save it as a draft. And as English is actually my third language (recently became my first language as i’m traveling and hanging out more with the Expats), I don’t really feel confident with my English especially when it comes to grammar. I have lots of the ‘what if?’ thought. ‘What if the commented about my grammar?’ ‘What if they think i’m talking nonsense?’ ‘What if they think i’m such a freak?’

Furthermore, writing required lots of thinking. That is why, I prefer posting pictures as they said pictures speaks thousands of words. So, do excuse my lack of words. I’m not good with it. 😛

But, as i think a little harder, I finally realised that the readers are also having the same difficulty. They need to decide whether to read or just ignore things that came across their newsfeed.

So, the question is.. To read or not to read? or To follow or not to follow?

Enjoy! 🙂




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