Changing Domain Name

November 8, 2014 § 2 Comments

FML! F*ck My Life!

I’ve always wanted to change my blog’s url from to just By doing that, I need to have a domain, which is something that you need to pay to get it. I read somewhere that you actually get it for free but it’s too hassle & lots of things need to do..

After making so many ‘domain research’ on which webhost that is best for wordpress blog, I decided to choose Bluehost. Bluehost offered $3.49* per month instead of $5.99 per month. So, I thought, “wow, that’s cheap. let’s try it for a month!”

I was hesitated to buy it at first but then I thought “It’s only for a month, so, what the heck right.” Few minutes after I made the payment, I got a confirmation from the bank saying that I made payment of $125.64. F**ccckkk!

Silly me, I pay for 36 months ($125.64, including other hidden charges) instead of paying for a month ($3.49)!!

tumblr_inline_mr9k0cgZ9d1qz4rgpMy reaction after I realized I made mistake..

I got my domain name but it link to a new WordPress blog. Which means, I need to start from zero. The worst thing is, I cannot directly change my existing WordPress domain name. I need to ‘map’ my existing WordPress blog to my own domain  & will cost me $13.00 for 1 year subscription! Whattttt?!!!!

tumblr_inline_n03llwuEdn1rx7bhwWhy did I bought that? Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!

After few hours of trying to ‘solve’ the problem, I realized that it’s way cheaper and easier to just upgrade for ‘Premium’ on WordPress (cost only $99 per year) where you get your own domain name, powerful customization options and lots of space for audio and video. Guess I didn’t do enough ‘research’ on that.. Oh, My monnnneyyy!


I could actually use the money to travel to Taiwan or other South East Asian countries!! T.T

Do any of you guys know how to change the domain name (if you already bought your own domain name) without paying anything or maybe know where I can sell back the domain as I won’t be using it anyway?

Your help will very much appreciated! Thanks in advance! 🙂


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§ 2 Responses to Changing Domain Name

  • Allaboutjeju says:

    I went through the similar problem and I also paid around $100 for 3yr -subscription and also paid $13/yr to wordpress to map the domain. I recommend you to email the Bluehost Customer Service center and ask for a refund. If rejected, contact the consumer agency. You could otherwise let it be and just use the domain for 3yrs… like me. Hope you’d feel better soon!

    • swoutyyjae says:

      Hey.. Good to know that i’m not the only one doing the ‘mistake’. 😛
      I’ll try to ask for refund from Bluehost & if not, guess I just have to make use of it. Thank you so much for the reply!

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