Sleepppyyy! X.x

November 12, 2014 § Leave a comment


One of those words that I think no longer exist in my life dictionary. I’m not a morning person, yes, I admit it.

Being one of those people who often sleep after midnight (I’m not sure if I have Insomnia coz I only have trouble sleeping if the Internet or my phone are around..), waking up early is totally not ‘suitable’ for us.

And as far as I remember, I only wake up early whenever I travel. You just can’t seem to waste your time with sleeping when you have tons of things to do & places to visit, right? 🙂


But Guess what?! I woke up at 5am today. I went for 1 and a half jog with my bro (we’ve been always planned to do this), did some workout, enjoyed my breakfast (Thanks Mum!) before work and even showed up at work 40 minutes earlier, which is totally different from my usual morning.

Started the work feeling so motivated at first but as soon as the clock approaching 10am, I’m starting to feel tired and my eyes is getting really heavy. I’M FALLING ASLEEP! I’m not the type of person that usually feel sleepy at work. Well, I do yawned sometimes but my eyes are usually wide open.

Felt like I’m struggling between trying to keep up with my work and sleeping. Worst is, I became so grumpy and I can’t concentrate. Guess waking up early is really not my kind of thing. Or the changes are so drastic that I need to keep on doing it (which I will if I feel like it) to actually get used to it.

Hmm.. we’ll see.. One thing for sure now is that all my plans for tonight are cancelled and i’m going to hit the sack as early as I can!



But In Reality…


What I really need right now!! 


Lunch. Time to ZZZzzzzzzz….  x.X



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