Bucket List


1. Make a personal travel blog.

2. Camp on the beach. New year’s eve 2013


3. Go on a road trip with friends. Every  now and then. 🙂


4. Climb Mt. Kinabalu

5. Visit at least 2 countries each year.  
[Singapore & Vietnam – 2013, South Korea & Nepal – 2014, Thailand & Philippines – 2015]

6. Visit South Korea


7. Travel for more than 3 months

8. Trekking in Nepal

9. Party all night without stopping for sleep. 2 night in a row.


10. Move a different country

11. Visit Egypt & Jordan

12. Decorate my room

13. Own a Polaroid camera


14. Complete a scrapbook


15. Spend some time volunteering in Africa

16. Backpack across Europe

17. Visit Machu Picchu


18. Climb the steps of the Mayan ruins


and it continues.. 🙂

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