Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO)

March 30, 2014 § Leave a comment


I was chosen as one of the 3rd K-Supporter for April, 2014 & I got to watch 4 shows for free! 🙂
  • Miso 2014
  • Drumcats 3
  • The Drawing Show
  • Music Show Wedding
Thanks for the tickets, KTO!

Here’s a little information about KTO:

Korea Tourism Organization are recruiting people from Middle East and South-East Asia living in Korea to participate in a program called ‘Wow Korea Supporters’ – creating media content on the internet after travel and experiencing Korean culture.

They are looking for participants who are not just interested in travelling, but also want to experience and communicate with culture of Korea, and want to tell it to the worlds through SNS (Social network).

KTO official VisitKorea website : www.visitkorea.or.kr

KTO 3rd K-supporter Welcoming party

March 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Was selected to be part of the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) & attended the 3rd K-supporter Welcoming party today.

Went for the dinner at VIPS & the food is awesome! Think I ate for the second round. HAHA!






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