K-Pop Dance Class

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Yeoksam Global Village Center will be hosting a K-pop Dance Class!! Come and have fun dancing to K-pop while learning the dances and choreography from a dance teacher. The classes will be held once a week on Fridays. This will be a fun opportunity to exercise and practice your dance moves to music by Exid, G-dragon and Taeyang, Girlsday, AOA, Beast, and Exo.

To sign up, please email or call the number below.


•Date & Time: From the 6th of February to the 27th of March, Every Friday 16:00~18:00

Fees: 5,000 won (Not refundable)

•Meeting time: 15:50 pm

•Meeting place: Yeoksam 1 Culture Center Gymnasium

Seats: up to 50 people

To sign up for the class, please email yeoksam@sba.seoul.kr with your name, nationality and mobile phone number or call us at 02-3453-9038~9.


Internet in South Korea.

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Yay! Can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow! (I haven’t finish packing!! 😦)

Guess what, i’m at the office now. (FML!). I still need to go to work today and tomorrow morning as I have lots of things to finish and submit before my 2 weeks holiday (God ‘bless’ you, Boss!).


It’s lunch time now and as always (just recently), I usually spent my lunch hour eating in front of the computer while reading/surfing the internet especially about my next travel, in today’s case, NEPAL.. (anti-social much huh? 😛) Sadly, today’s internet connection are so S*CKS! It took me forever to even load my facebook. I need to use the internet do to the ‘research’ and last-minute reservation!

Well, according the internet provider, they’re currently trying to upgrade their system & we’ll only experience it today. (Hopefully..)

But still, it’s incomparably with South Korean‘s internet connection. I seriously miss the fast internet connection there (Seoul in particular)! It’s so fast (and Mostly free!) that it only takes me up to half an hour for a 700mb size for 1 drama episode (compared to Malaysian’s speed of almost a day for the same size file).I downloaded Korean drama & other TV shows almost everyday! Other than that, it also so convenient! there’s always a free wifi everywhere!

Here’s a great artwork made by http://domandhyo.com/ summarizing how I feel about the internet in South Korea. 🙂


“You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

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Where to next?

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Sinchon, Seoul

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Sinchon, Seoul. It’s past 1am but everyone is still on the street. #신촌 #서올 #1am


Goodbye South Korea..

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Had enough of Kimchi & K-pop. It’s time for me to go back. 🙂 #안녕한국 #Travel #yayimgoingback


Digital Media City (DMC)

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Digital Media City (DMC). #LastDay #디지털미디어시티 #마포구


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