85 Days in South Korea for less than USD $1400

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“Less than USD $1,400.00 for 85 days in South Korea?! No way!” For some people, that amount of money will only last them 1 or 2 weeks, depending on how many cities they want to visit or how they shop.

Exactly 2 years ago, I took the longest leave from my work and went to South Korea. The main reason why I wanted to go there at first was actually to attend Gastech Exhibition. But things got carried away and I decided to stay there for about 3 months.

Yup, it was so great to be in South Korea. One of the best moments in my life! 🙂


Thanks to iPhone Apps Saved, I managed to record and track all of my expenses while traveling. My grand total cost of travel in South Korea for 85 days came out to be about $1,335.75, which is less than USD $1,400.00. It’s way less than what I budgeted for the trip. 🙂

My travel routes included Seoul (44 Days & 45 Nights), Cheonan (3 Days 2 Nights) Jeonju (2 Days & 2 Nights), Mokpo (1 Days & 1 Nights), Jeju Island (8 Days & 7 Nights), Busan (24 Days & 25 Nights) and Gyengju (3 Days & 2 Nights).

Travel expenses for 85 days there are as follows:

  1. Flight tickets = MYR 816.78
  2. Accommodation = ~MYR 136.00 (KRW 42,500.00)
  3. Foods & Drinks = ~MYR 1,871.14 (KRW 584,730.00)
  4. Public Transportation = ~MYR 981.60 (KRW 306,750.00)
  5. Sightseeing = ~MYR 136.00 (KRW 42,500.00)
  6. Shopping = ~MYR 935.68 (KRW 292,400.00)
  7. Entertainment = ~MYR 292.16 (KRW 91,300.00)

GRAND TOTAL = ~MYR 5,169.36, which is equivalent to ~USD $1,335.75

*KRW 1,000.00 equals roughly to MYR 3.20
**USD $1.00 equals roughly to MYR 3.87
***Travel expenses are not including my trip to Fukuoka, Japan (Went there for 4 days from Busan via ferry.)


Yup, I got that question a lot from people around me. Especially after knowing that I didn’t stay there for work or school. You know how small-minded people can be sometimes.. 😛

Well, if you’re one of them, who might as well wonder how did I survived, here’s how:

p/s: I also included the link on how to get it FREE. Do check it out & try it yourself! 🙂

*Bare in mind that this trip was exactly 2 years ago (March 2014 – June 2014) so prices might have changed over the period of time. Some of the things that I tried might as well discontinued, unavailable or closed.

(But if you found something better than what’s written here, do let me know! Would love to know about it!)

Hope you found something useful here & if you’re traveling there soon, enjoy South Korea!
You’ll love it there as much as I did & if you don’t, you’re doing it wrongly!

Feel free to ask me anything. Would love to help! 🙂



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